Remy Milosky Contemporary Art


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Artistic Achievements:
-2007 AP Studio Art , Jackson Hole High School, Jackson WY
-2007 Quick Draw, Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson WY
-2009 Portland Saturday Market, Portland OR
-2009 Hillsboro Art Walk Show Participant, Hillsboro OR
-2009 Mountain Park Show , Portland OR
-2009 Last Thursday, Portland OR
-2009 Ciao Gallery AVP Show, Jackson WY
-2009 Teton Artlab Paper Show, Jackson WY
-2010 Pearl Street Show, Jackson WY
-2010 Full circle Frameworks work in progress Jackson, WY
-2010 Takin it to the Streets Jackson,WY
-2010 Lines Gallery  Jackson, WY
-2011 Pearl Street Show Jackson, WY
-2012 Paintings up at Betty Rock cafe Jackson, WY
-2013 Paintings up at Dominican Joes, Austin, TX
-2014 Solo Show at Intencions, Jackson,  WY
-2014 Santa Barbara Sunday Art Fair, Santa Barbara, CA
-2015 Born and Bred Group Show, Jackson, WY

Remy Milosky Contemporary Art  

          Remy Milosky is a self taught Contemporary Artist born 1989 in Kauai, HI. In the early years of life him and his mother moved to the Bay Area, California.

          At the age of eleven they then moved to Jackson, WY. Remy has been a artist since a very young age, his mother would give him a pen and paper just to calm him down.

          It wasn't till high school where he discovered his love for Oil Painting, he always wanted to try it but was never given the opportunity.   Ever since that discovery he has set his mind to become a master in painting and taking over the Contemporary Art world.

         He decided not to go to art school because he felt it would put limitations on him and box him in. Art is a form of freedom and freedom does not need to be taught it comes from within.

     Now currently living and working from Panama.